Are you experiencing; Domestic Abuse, Forced Marriage, or Honour Based Abuse?

We CAN help you. Your SAFETY is our PRIORITY

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How we can help YOU

By listening we will help you with your immediate needs



We provide safe temporary refuge accommodation to women, children and young people and help you settle into your own home when leaving refuge.


Crisis / Outreach

We provide crisis support to women, children and young people living in the wider community. We can meet you at a place of safety to talk.


Children & Young People

We support children & young people up to the age of 18 impacted by domestic abuse, forced marriage or honour based abuse.  You can speak to us in confidence at a place of safety. 



Abusive behaviour can be physical, sexual, emotional, verbal, financial within a coercively controlling relationship. Women are also blamed for dishonouring the family for behaviour considered shameful by perpetrators, husband, partner, or extended family.



It is against the law to force someone to marry in Scotland.  Legal protection is available to those who have experienced or living with the threat of forced marriage.


Immigration Rules & Domestic Abuse

Women subject to immigration control are prohibited from accessing public funds in the form of housing or welfare benefits.  Legal protection is available depending upon the immigration status of women.

Police Scotland Domestic Abuse Animation

Domestic Abuse Animation

As part of our 16 Days of Activism campaigning, we've worked in association with Police Scotland to develop this animation.

Funded by Hemat Gryffe Women's Aid and The University of Strathclyde, the animation informs all women experiencing domestic abuse that they are protected from abuse & exploitation by Scots law, as are immigrant women as soon as they arrive in Scotland.

You can view all versions of the animation on our YouTube Channel linked below. 

It has been translated into a range of languages - Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, Hindi, Polish, Punjabi, Russian, Ukrainian, Urdu and British Sign Language!'