Forced Marriage

It is against the law to force someone to marry in Scotland.   A forced marriage occurs where the bride, groom or both have been coerced and forced to take part in the marriage against their will.  There is a difference between a forced marriage and arranged marriage.  An arranged marriage occurs where both the parties have consented and are happy with the ceremony to go ahead.   

Individuals who find themselves being forced into marriage in our experience are frightened, unhappy, worried, anxious, and distressed about the future.

They experience extreme pressure and duress to go ahead with the marriage and sometimes this can involve abusive and bullying behaviour on the part of parents and extended family members.

The types of behaviour can be physical (for example, hitting), not being allowed out with friends, not given any money, being kept at home and in some extreme cases abduction and murder.

Refusing to go ahead with the marriage is regarded as damaging the family reputation or seen to be betraying family honour or izzat, which may lead to danger.  

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